The thermal insulation coating.

EcoTherm the thermal insulation coating.

It improves the thermal comfort of the interior and saves energy costs.

Health safety inspected by – Jugoinspekt – Beograd.

As the proof of thermal insulation properties being extremely low is the coefficient of thermal conductivity λ = 0.0016 W / mK - IMS – Belgrade

Ecotherm is a product of the latest nano technology with excellent thermal insulation and heat-reflective characteristics. Classic insulation materials dont have reflective properties, coefficient of thermal conductivity is only what matters to them.

Due to its outstanding characteristics of nano particles in the form of hollow balls of very small dimensions it achieves excellent results while being only 0.7 to 1.0 mm thick. It is applied to the inner walls of rooms.

These particles combining thermal insulation and heat-reflective properties affect the heat evenly and stay in the room. The temperature becomes uniform in all parts and requires significantly less time and energy for its achievement. The walls coated with EcoTherm  become warmer and thus prevent condensation of water vapor from the air and mold growth.

It is suitable for rooms that are occasionally heated because the required temperature is achieved much faster. The heat stays in the room and doesnt get lost in the heating process, which is a long and expensive process.

In the world this type of coatings have been used for the last 5 - 6 years and experience has shown that they achieve energy savings of 25 - 50%.