Ensure comfort with just one milimeter

Save up to 35% of energy

EcoTherm for YOUR home

EcoTherm is the easy way to smaller bills and warmer walls with no space loss

EcoTherm for YOUR business

The energy saving solution for business premises and public buildings

EcoTherm in the industry

Talk to us about various applications of EcoTherm in industry

EcoTherm for beehive protection

Increase the yield of honey with the latest and modern protection of hives

New, innovative thermal insulation product

EcoTherm is a 1mm thick thermal insulation coating that insulates inside walls. Unlike conventional insulation, EcoTherm does not change apprearance of your property or result in space loss.


Keep your home comfortably warm with just one milimeter of an innovative thermal insulation coating.

Using innovative technology, the ultra-thin reflective coating secures up to 35% of savings.

EcoTherm‘s impressive performance is the result of the latest achievements in reflective technology and advanced materials like microspheres. The ultrathin coating quickly absorbs and reflects the energy back into the room, creating a thermal barrier to heat loss. Because the coating warms up the walls and removes cold spots, it doens‘t allow condensation to form or mould to grow, creating a “wall to wall” comfort.

For owners of solid wall properties and hard-to-treat homes, improving house insulation using conventional internal or external wall insulation has long been complicated and expensive. EcoTherm is the simple solution to these and many more properties and is quickly becoming the new way to retrofit insulation to your home.

For housing associations, property portfolio managers, and business owners, keeping energy costs down and ensuring a comfortable, warm and healthy environment has always been an ongoing concern. EcoTherm is the cost effective way to improve conditions and reduce energy bills. The quick and simple application can be completed with minimal disruption to the occupants and will not impact on room space or any existing fixtures or fittings.

EcoTherm is also used in many ways to increase energy efficiency in the industry.

EcoTherm – comfort in just one milimeter

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